06 Apr Same Broadview, New Look

Welcome to our new website

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. This is the same Broadview Product Development of Zeeland you have come to know and trust—just with a new look. We have been working hard to create a better online experience for you, our customers and associates. We are also pleased to introduce our new logo and branding.

We went from this:

broadview product development of zeeland old logo

To this:

Broadview Product Development Logo

Reasons for Rebranding

  1. Embracing Growth: Broadview has been around for a quarter of a century, and while we fully appreciate our heritage, we have grown and changed a lot over the years in pursuit of better service to our customers. Since 2012, we’ve taken on new leadership, more than doubled in size, moved to a new location, and added many new capabilities to our repertoire.
  2. Ensuring Consistency of Name: We are and have always been known to our customers and colleagues as “Broadview,” so we decided it made sense to drop the “BPD” in our logo and emphasize our full name to ensure consistency. That, and to avoid being mistaken for a police department.

Inspiration for our New Logo

Our new logo mark was developed using an array of symbology to emphasize our values and illustrate our service offerings. The original design inspiration came from a 3D printing nozzle to intimate our rapid prototyping services. The triangular shapes found within symbolize creativity and integration, which speaks to our product development and manufacturing engineering services. You can also find the shape of a fountain pen which represents marketing communications. Our new mark also features five exterior points–the number, five, symbolizes humankind (five senses, five limbs, five fingers on each hand… you get the idea)–to show our dedication to providing personal customer service.

The New Broadview Product Development of Zeeland

We hope that our new website provides current and prospective customers with the information they need to take their projects to the next level. Follow our blog for insightful articles on product development and manufacturing or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest and greatest in Broadview news. You can also follow us on Facebook for articles on manufacturing, product development, 3D printing, and more.

Emily Wilkins
Emily Wilkins

Emily is the Director of Marketing at Broadview. Her nearly 10 years of experience in marketing and project management has focused on startups and small to medium sized B2B manufacturers. She heads up our internal marketing efforts, contracts with corporate clients on a project basis, and advises our inventor clients on developing effective market launch strategies.

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