Coming Soon: Accura Xtreme White

31 May Coming Soon: Accura Xtreme White

We have some good news for you! Broadview just ordered a new SLA resin called Accura Xtreme White 200 that is ready to be specified on your next SLA 3D printing order. This new addition is part of a recent push to provide innovative new 3D printing capabilities to our customers. So, what makes Accura Xtreme White unique?

Accura Xtreme White

Developed to replace CNC machined polypropylene and ABS parts, Accura Xtreme White can be used to build SLA models that are exceptionally tough and durable. The new SLA resin can resist breakage from impact much better than other SLA resins, but is just as easy to sand and paint. Because of its durability, Accura Xtreme White is capable of creating challenging functional assemblies, screw bosses, and tight snap fits. It is also ideal for functional testing, creating master patterns and vacuum casting.

View the full Accura Xtreme White spec sheet here.

3D Systems Accura Xtreme

Broadview now offers four different SLA resins, each having its own unique properties and applications. We also offer multiple FDM materials, such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, ASA and ESD. Broadview’s expert staff is readily available to help you decide which 3D printing process and materials best fit you specific application.


Emily Wilkins
Emily Wilkins

Emily is the Director of Marketing at Broadview. Her nearly 10 years of experience in marketing and project management has focused on startups and small to medium sized B2B manufacturers. She heads up our internal marketing efforts, contracts with corporate clients on a project basis, and advises our inventor clients on developing effective market launch strategies.

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