An Engineer’s Custom Wedding Ring

04 Aug An Engineer’s Custom Wedding Ring

One of the perks of being a Broadview team member is having free use of Broadview resources. Gregg Elhart, one of our product development engineers here, recently took advantage of this perk by designing and manufacturing his own custom wedding ring. He designed the ring with CAD software and used our CNC machine to cut it out of 316 stainless steel.

The really cool part about this project is that Gregg designed and cut the ring to the specific width of 6.07mm, because this was the date he would marry his incredible wife, Julia. Their wedding took place as planned on June 7th in the beautiful Arcadia National Park in Maine with their family and closest friends.

Engineer's custom wedding ring measures 6.07mm to match the wedding date of June 7th.

Congratulations to Gregg and Julia from the whole team here at Broadview. We think she’s a keeper! Here are a couple of photos from their enchanting wedding on the coast (for all you romantic engineers out there).
Photography credit: @JillianBowes

Broadview engineer made a custom wedding ring 6.07mm wide to match the wedding date of June 7th. Photography credit: @JillianBowes

Broadview engineer wedding in Arcadia National Park. Photography credit: @JillianBowes



Emily Wilkins
Emily Wilkins

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