New SLA Material: Somos Perform

25 May New SLA Material: Somos Perform

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new material available for our SLA 3D Printer, called Somos Perform. What is this new material and what can it do differently than those we’ve been using? Glad you asked!

Somos Perform

This brand new resin from Somos opens new doors for rapid injection mold tooling. That’s right, with Somos Perform, we can turnaround 3D printed injection mold tools within a few hours that you can use on a production injection molding machine to make real injection molded parts. The catch is that the tools will only last for some 500 or so shots, but that gives you a huge head start on running test parts and validating your equipment setup, without having to wait for weeks or months for a tool and die shop to build your molds.

SLA Resin used for Injection Mold Tooling - Somos Perform

The reason this material is suitable for injection mold tooling is because it has an extremely high heat tolerance, which also makes it great for electrical casings and automotive housings. And since everything is about money, cost could be Somos Perform’s biggest draw. Because it has the lowest viscosity of any other composite SLA material, it allows for faster build times (i.e., reduced machine time=reduced price) and easier post-processing (again, less time=less money).

Like our current SLA materials, Somos Perform creates stiff parts with outstanding detail resolution, which can quickly be finished with an ultra-smooth surface. Unlike other SLA resins, this material produces parts that can withstand extreme environments, like those felt in a wind tunnel. This new material is already being used by Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) race team to test out new vehicles.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s World Endurance Championship - Somos Perform Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s World Endurance Championship Race Car: Tested with Somos Perform Components.

Now, all this awesomeness does not necessarily make Somos Perform the best material for your particular job, but our expert customer service staff will help you choose which 3D printing process–SLA or FDM–and which materials are best suited for your application.

View the full Somos Perform spec sheet here.

Emily Wilkins
Emily Wilkins

Emily is the Director of Marketing at Broadview. Her nearly 10 years of experience in marketing and project management has focused on startups and small to medium sized B2B manufacturers. She heads up our internal marketing efforts, contracts with corporate clients on a project basis, and advises our inventor clients on developing effective market launch strategies.

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