High and Tight Football

  • Redskins Matt Jones using high and tight football development by Broadview
  • High and tight football development improves ball handling and security
  • High and tight football development
  • High and tight football development promotes a proper football hold
Product Development, Rapid Prototyping
About This Project

Former high school football coach Tom Creguer invented a product that would train his players to hold the football high and tight to their chests. This is a proper football hold, which prevents the other team from knocking it out of the ball carrier’s hands. The high and tight football, called HnTv1, makes a loud beeping sound when the five pressure points are engaged, loud enough for coach to hear it. Knowing the complexities of manufacturing a standard football, let alone one with electronics, Tom recruited Broadview to help with the high and tight football development. Five prototypes later, we had a working model that Tom could use to source production. HnTv1 has been so effective that many NFL and college teams are now using it in practices.